• Reduce Your Overhead Costs

    Improve productivity and efficiency in Back
    Room Operations

    While the transition from print publication to electronic formats has been highly successful from a sales viewpoint, support services including customer services, fulfillment, help desk, and their circulation operations has become overburdened, driving up overhead costs. Poor productivity, inefficient handling of subscriptions, outdated processing procedures and poor communications between operations groups are standard problems found in most publishers' Back Room Operations.

    Content Strategies' team can reduce your bottlenecks, improve your efficiency and productivity and establish new workflow for you that lowers your overall cost.

    Content Strategies uses a straight forward system to reduce your Back Room problems.

    FIRST STEP: Audit the Back Room Operation

    SECOND STEP: Analyze and Review the Back Office Operation

    FINAL STEP: Develop a Set of Recommendations

    Recent Projects

    • Audit and review of Customer Service operation in major STM publisher
    • Evaluation of Sales Agents in International market
    • Audit of Subscription Agents Performance
    • Reengineered full scale Back Office Operation
    • Advance planning for new Fulfillment system
    • Review of Cash Processing and Wire Transfer Workflow